Is Intensive Therapy for You?

Recently we have begun offering couples, family, and individual intensives. This approach can be helpful for busy people and those wishing to work through a specific experience or concern. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs after reviewing this Q&A.

What is intensive therapy? Intensive therapy is when we meet for three or four sessions in one day, sometimes for subsequent days, to address and resolve an identified issue. For example, if a family or individual has experienced a crisis or disaster, a couple has identified an issue that keeps their marriage in conflict, or and individual wishes to resolve a past disturbing or traumatic experience. One or more clinicians may be involved in the sessions depending on the needs of the client (family, couple, or individual).

Is intensive therapy for me? Do you have difficulty fitting weekly appointments into your schedule, travel frequently for work, or want issues to resolve more quickly than can be accomplished in one session per week? If so, an intensive may be a good option for you. At least one intake session with your counselor will be necessary to determine the appropriateness and focus of a therapy intensive for your situation.

When does an intensive happen? It can happen at the beginning of therapy (after an intake assessment), or during the course of more long-term therapy. Scheduling depends on the counselor(s) involved, however, weekend intensives are possible.

EMDR and intensive therapy: Many professionals and organizations offer intensive therapy days or weekends using many approaches. Our training and the nature of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy allows us to address and resolve many issues and patterns quite efficiently during extended sessions or an intensive, especially since EDMR does not require practice or “homework” to effect change.

Contact us for more information or to set up an assessment appointment.

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